Monday, December 14, 2009


In a recent post by Digital Photography School, last week's assignment was about storyboards.  They suggested checking out Big Huge Labs for their online product, Mosaic Maker, to make quick web-sized storyboards (you'll need to purchase a pass for a high resolution print). 

I thought I'd try the storyboard to highlight a subject or theme on some of my photos. It was easy!  Just plug in your shots.  This was the "1+3 right with shadow" layout.

Here's one of Lauren's Winter Formal (although I couldn't figure out how to edit to include her shoes in the shot) .

My friend, Elizabeth, and our visit downtown.

Then, I tried "Candy Apples" in a line.  Cool.  Try it with some of your own pictures.


  1. I like it a bunch. Looks professional!

  2. I love the DPS e-mails I get - great tips and fun reads. Love the storyboards!!!


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