Monday, December 7, 2009

Painted Doggies

Lauren went for her very first manicure and pedicure Saturday. That night, she was going to Bullard's Winter Formal so she wanted the manicure/pedicure to last, but was worried about scratching them in today's basketball tournament. She wanted a dark color to match the dress (black). I guess I'm not trendy because blackish nails seemed vampire-y to me. Still, she was thrilled and excited to have her nails done!

She was worried about someone seeing and touching her toes.

Clean little doggies

A little oil to soften and smooth the cuticles

That's the color she picked, Stone Age. The manicurist and I failed at convincing her to try something more pink-y, like the color on the far right (Visible Shivers).

Painted doggies

Soaking the fingers to soften cuticles

She's feeling princess-y here with her toes up and hands being worked.

Stone Age fingers (before the glitter coat)

Stone Age thumbs after glitter coat

She liked drying her nails

All done --- Stone Age nails with a glitter coat!

Outside the nail shop by our house. She's soooo happy and loves her fancy nails!


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