Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ron Honda treated Julie & me to lunch today. It was my first visit to Wassabi and it was delicious! I had a box lunch (grilled salmon and ahi with miso soup and salad). I promised to take Lauren there so I'll be back! Thanks for the great lunch, Ron!

Ron and Julie

Sushi chef.  Peace!

The counter action was busy

Miso soup and salad

Ron's tempura tray with ahi sashimi

Julie and I had the same lunch (grilled salmon and ahi)

"Grilling" the ahi with a torch!

The chef gave Ron a complimentary salmon appetizer

I fell in love with this little black cast iron teapot. Santa, please bring me one!


  1. How fun! That's over at Herndon and First, right? I remember seeing the name but can't remember exactly where. The miso soup looks delicious. But sushi and a non-fish-lover don't really mesh well. Whenever I go to a sushi joint with friends, I always end up with a teriyaki chicken bowl. And edamame.

  2. Michele -- Yes, that's it on Herndon & First. They're opening another location at Fig Garden soon. Yummy. I could use a teriyaki chicken rice bowl and edamame right now ...


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