Friday, December 11, 2009

Downtown Fresno

Elizabeth and I went downtown to find some places to shoot pictures. I couldn't find any spots that matched the pictures I've seen, but we had fun anyway. We met at Central Fish to look around and have lunch. Then found the Fresno Arch, a loading dock, and a quiet place by the railroad with a final stop at Starbucks.

Parking lot sign

Vibrant colors on the mural

Beautiful painting of a fish

I liked this blowfish (aka pufferfish). That's exactly how I looked after Thanksgiving!

More underwater scenes

This is the second floor of a two-story building behind the Central Fish parking lot

We sat at a lunch table facing the now-closed Komoto's Department Store (part of the old Kamikawa Brothers/Asia Hotel building at the corner of G and Kern Streets). When I moved to Fresno, I bought a small rice cooker there from Kaori Komoto (now deceased).

This cute little boy was so friendly. He would smile at us in-between bites of his lunch. 

He played with his hashi (chopsticks) and polished off his ramen.

Elizabeth and I split this single order of fish and chips. Yummm.

This is an iconic gateway - the Fresno Archway on Van Ness Avenue.

Close-up of the Fresno Archway

I took a self-portrait of myself (took a few tries to get myself AND the archway in the shot.  I think I need longer arms!)

Behind the Fresno Archway is a graffiti-covered building. I shot Elizabeth taking pictures of these flowers.

I took pictures of Elizabeth making self-portraits.

I found a loading dock and asked Elizabeth to model

This was my favorite picture of Elizabeth on the loading dock (just having fun and kicking up her legs).

This was a quiet section of the railroad track.

Last stop before heading home. First, it's time for fancy holiday-flavored coffee break at the downtown Starbucks (next to the Convention Center).

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