Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Formal

Bullard High School's Winter Formal was held December 5.  It was the first Winter Formal for both seniors.  Lauren had a basketball tournament that afternoon and they were late, so there was no time for dinner as they rushed to the dance. They stopped for a quick bite at Denny's after the dance.

Spencer and Lauren at our house

In front of our fireplace

Spencer picked this corsage himself.

They laughed as he struggled to place the corsage on her wrist.

We stopped for pictures at Spencer's home

Last picture at Spencer's home.  Off to the Winter Formal!

For a link to all the pictures, click here


  1. ahh they look so nice!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my!! I'm not ready for that yet in my house Teresa..I may need therapy when it's time!!
    She is beautiful..they look adorable!
    Hope they had a blast!!

  3. My goodness, she beautiful! Uh oh, now Daddy really has to get the big guns! I'm sure they had a wonderful time!

  4. Elizabeth: Thanks!

    Kristi: Thanks! Your Samantha is so gorgeous (and a cheerleader, too). Watch out for those Central boys (esp the football players!) Can't wait to see her upcoming dance pictures. Better plan on that therapy real soon!

    Sheri: Thanks! You're not far ahead of me with Ash so I'll follow your lead! Time is just passing too fast for me. Remember when Lauren was in your Preschool Sunday School class?

  5. Lauren is simply stunning! Her date, Spencer is equally handsome. I love these formals!!

  6. Awww.... SO CUTE. I remember the awkwardness of those pictures before the school dances. Lauren looks like she's right at home.


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